About Me

Fraser Wilkinson

I’m Fraser Wilkinson, a 50-something web designer & developer with a software development background.

Back when I owned the Victorian Mountain Bike Centre in Burke Road, East Kew many years ago, life was grand. All of our customers loved riding mountain bikes and we rode the wave as more and more people discovered just how much fun riding could be. The famous ‘Wednesday Night Ride’ would go ahead every week – rain, hail or shine.

Read some of the store’s history here.

Then the Internet was invented.

Go online, they said.

One of our customers was a tech guru, studying IT at the time. He was quickly engaged to put our store database online, enabling sales to a far broader audience. The project went on, and on, and on. Luckily we could pay him in bike servicing & new gear. The eventual project cost exceed AUD $20,000 but I was hooked.

Fast forward a billion years and several software development roles later here I am.

HTML, CSS and PHP are my passions. Javascript not so much.